Customized solutions for your needs

Depend provides customized, localized solutions for all types of electronics manufacturing companies around the world, safeguarding the resilience and security of our customers' electronic component supply chains.

Mainly covered application fields: aerospace, automotive industry, AI servers, medical equipment, new energy fields, security equipment, consumer electronics and other industries. We will provide you with suitable electronic component procurement solutions based on needs and industry standards.

  • New Energy

    Electronic components can cover sub-sectors such as wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and electric vehicles in the new energy field, and provide different solutions according to the different requirements of each sub-sector.

  • Automotive Industry

    All types of vehicles are evolving towards electrification, internet connectivity and intelligence, and electronic components (especially chips) are becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing field of the automotive industry.

  • AI Server

    Chips are the core of AI arithmetic and the basic computing units that provide it. In AI servers, dozens of GPU chips are usually used, so the value of chips in AI servers accounts for a very high percentage.

  • Medical Equipment

    The quality and performance of electronic components can directly affect the accuracy, reliability and safety of medical devices.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace chips are called the "heart and brain" of spacecraft and aeronautics, and their reliability is so crucial that any slight error can lead to catastrophic consequences.

  • Security Equipment

    Electronic components, especially chips, play a great protective role in security products and can ensure the stability of the entire security system so that it will not be easily affected by the outside world.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronics are created for the purpose of consumers' life, work and entertainment, in which electronic components are widely used to promote the continuous updating and iteration of various types of electronic terminals.

  • Network Communication

    Electronic components play a key role in them as long as the field of communication includes mobile phones, wireless networks, satellite communications and optical fiber communications.

  • Industrial Equipment

    Electronic components are widely used in equipment that requires highly precise control and powerful data processing capabilities, such as robots, automated production lines, and packaging machinery.

  • Smart Home

    The pace of smart home appliances is unstoppable. Electronic components not only support the realization of smart home functions, but also provide technical support for smart homes to cater the individual needs of customers.