Global Procurement Services

Depend strictly controls procurement quality and flexibly utilizes resources to control the supply chain.

Global Procurement Services

Utilizing our global distribution network and supplier rating system, Depend provides fast and efficient service by tracking supplier inventory in real time through our global distribution networks and keeping a keen eye on market information.

Whether you are facing challenges such as supply shortages, prototype components or cost saving, Depend is your trusted partner for sourcing the products you need.

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Sourcing Channels

Depend has established a professional and experienced sourcing team to work with global suppliers. Our sources mainly come from large EMS factories and franchised distribution around the world, and we continuously controlling the delivery quality of all our suppliers, so that we can professionally and efficiently solve the diversified needs of end-user enterprises in purchasing components.

  • Franchised Distribution
  • Original Manufacture
  • Inventory & Availability
  • Long-term Partners

Vendor Rating System

Depend sources components from qualified, reliable, and reputable vendors.
Our vendor rating system ensures that we receive only highly qualified parts while continuously evaluating, classifying, and monitoring all suppliers.

  • 01

    Preliminary screening

  • 02

    Submission of application

  • 03

    Qualification review

  • 04

    Classification coding

  • 05

    Continuous monitored

Supplier Rating Management

We use the international standard management system SAP for supplier rating management, which links internal and global information networks, controls procurements risks strictly, and guarantees product quality.

SAP Rating Management
  • Certification Management Process
  • Category
  • Supplier Identification
  • In Time Dynamic
  • Rating Management

SAP is a leading business process management software provider for more than 50 years, with 99 of the world's top 100 companies using SAP business process management software.

The world's leading distributor of electronic components

Depend's professional and experienced procurement and sales team can respond quickly to your needs, adapt flexibly to any procurement plan, and provide a comprehensive range of electronic components for various devices.