SSTDP Quality Operation System, created to guarantee the quality of electronic components

Depend SSTDP is a quality assurance framework developed for counterfeit prevention. It combines industrial leading test standards and methods with sustained growth of database, we continuously optimizing the quality initiatives we've promoted over the years with best practices across the industry.


In its most basic sense, a management system is how organizations ensure things get done. All of the processes that enable our organization to effectively deliver our products and services, make up the management system.Not only Quality Management System, but also management of customer relationship, supply chain, inventory, knowledge and communication.

  • Quality Management System

    Depend is certified by third-party authorities such as ISO9001:2015, AS9120B and ERAI membership to ensure that products and services maintain optimal performance at all times.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Knowledge Management System


Our testing standards adhere to global distributor electronic component testing standards, such as IDEA-STD-1010-B and SAE AS6171, industry-common standards, and our own experience accumulated over several years. We continuously pursue high-precision and high-standard product quality levels.


Depend’s in-house test ability can conduct below tests to verify product authenticity.

  • EVI

    Packaging Inspection/Label Inspection/Dimensions/Lead & BGA

  • Remarking/ Resurfacing Test

    Solvent test/Scrap test

  • Electrical

    lnsulation Resistance/Test Discrete/TestLCR Test

  • Solderability

    JESD22-B102E standard/Dip-and-Look method

  • Nondestructive Test

    X-Ray Fluorescence/X-Ray Test

  • Destructive

    Chemical Decapsulation



Database is an core competence for counterfeit prevention. Golden samples are the best reference models of all test methods, and different wafer/assembly locations or PCNs may lead to differences in comparison results. Therefore, an ever-accumulating database is crucial for quality management.

The ever-increasing database information on labeling, packaging, propriety marking, X-Ray and Decap, as well as related PCNs, original manufacturer's declarations and application notes, is an important reference for subsequent testing.


Universal test standards and test equipment can perform routine testing on most devices, but in practice, situations that are difficult to clearly judge are often encountered, such as labels or body markings or internal lead layouts or bottom terminal device internal states that are inconsistent with standard samples. It needs to be analyzed based on past practices and relevant industry knowledge, so as to continuously summarize the rationality and consistency, and serve as a reference for subsequent testing and judgment.

Best practice is effective to streamline work. We are continuously improving on 4 key elements:

  • 01

    Manufacturing Process Knowledge

  • 02

    Information Collecting Ability

  • 03

    Analyzing & Judging Capability

  • 04

    Summarize & Review Practic