Track your needs in real-time to uncover the best opportunities for cost reduction for you

Based on its global data network capabilities, Depend offers reduced procurement cost services to match your target price point and maximize profits on a standard cost basis.

Our Advantages

  • Powerful Information Platform

    Uncover the best opportunities for cost reduction by utilizing Depend's proprietary Purchase Price Variation (PPV) platform.

  • Procurement Price Variance Services (PPV)

    You only need to specify the required electronic components and target price, and we will track your BOM sheet requirements in real time, and track down compliant parts for you in the open market at a lower-than-standard price to save on purchasing costs.

  • Target Price Control

    Purchasing departments are often under budgetary pressure to acquire the electronic components needed for production. We establish target price points for you and easily help you overcoming the challenges of standard prices. By tracking part prices in real-time without increasing demand, our system monitors the prices of parts and purchasing only when they fall within your target range.

  • Flexible Procurement Solutions

    Depend provides a smooth procurement process with various options to ensure continuous access to needed electronic components from excess inventory.

Global Procurement Services

Depend uses a worldwide distribution network and a supplier rating system to obtain parts from the most qualified suppliers at the best possible price. We can monitor supplier inventories in real-time through our global distribution network and stay up-to-date with market information, which helps us to reduce your costs effectively.

Depend, as your trusted partner, can handle all your electronic component needs.


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