Tailored to your needs to quickly restore value to inventory

The cyclical nature of the electronic components industry means that each customer's specific needs will vary depending on market conditions. Whether it's electronic materials distribution or excess inventory handling services, Depend can flexibly respond to changes in the supply chain to help you maximize returns from your inventory.

Our Advantages

  • Global Customer Resource Platform

    Our global customer resource data and electronic components database enable us to accurately understand market dynamics and differentially manage inventory for you. The electronic components industry is characterized by its cyclic nature, meaning that the specific needs of each customer may vary with market conditions. We can integrate and utilize inventory to meet your various requirements.

  • Flexible and Customized Services

    Tailored to your needs, quickly restore value to excess stock and maximize ROI on at-risk inventory, including excess stock and end-of-life/obsolete parts. With supply and demand imbalances, having a trusted partner reduces instability and allows for smoother business operations.

  • Latest Professional Market Feedback

    Expert knowledge of electronic components and market skills are necessary to determine the existing market value of excess inventory.
    Using global big data and a dedicated team of professionals to gain insight into market demand, we can measure the potential value of resale goods by analyzing a list of excess inventory and determine the best strategy for you to recover the value of your assets.

Our supply chain solutions provide EMS and OEM manufacturers with easy processes to help you reduce costs and return capital. 

The experienced team at Depend tailors solutions to maximize returns, quickly restore value to slow-moving inventory, and maximize ROI on at-risk inventory, including excess inventory and end-of-life/obsolete parts.

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