Exciting Announcement! The official launch of DEPEND Mascot

Introducing our new mascot, the little leopard!

It is agile and adaptable, always keeping up with the ever-changing electronic components market.

It is a quick learner, never ceasing to explore and improve.

It is adorable and friendly, sincerely dedicated to serving each and every customer.

It is professional and courageous, and it is a little leopard galloping in the electronic components industry.

It loves sports, challenging the limits is its nature.

It embraces technology, with no limits to the future.

Mascot "Peng Peng" represents the new brand image of DEPEND, constantly pioneering and progressing.

It is a cherished memory witnessed by DEPEND's people.

Peng Peng's "image of a leopard" symbolizes the spirit of DEPEND.

It is closely related to the vitality, passion and speed of young people, making it stand proudly and forge ahead in the ever-changing market of electronic components.

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