Riding on the momentum of the dragon, take off in 2024 DEPEND 2024 New Year Celebration Held Grandly in Shenzhen

As the old year has achieved commendable results, the new year aims to take further strides. On March 2nd, 2024, Depend Electronics, themed "Riding the Winds, Crossing the Paths, Soaring Dragons, Roaring Seas," held its New Year Celebration and Recognition Ceremony as scheduled. Depend's family gathered together to witness this joyous moment.

This celebration is not just a summary of the hard work and dedication of the past year but also an outlook and inspiration for the future. May the new year bring new beginnings, new strides, new chapters, and great achievements! Let us join hands and compose the opening movement of 2024. Admire the beauty of traditional attire and savor the charm of Chinese culture! At the celebration venue, Depend's family members were dressed in splendid traditional Chinese costumes, each exuding elegance and grace, adding color and vitality to the atmosphere of the annual meeting.

From the profound messages in the leadership speeches, the honor and recognition in the awards ceremony, to the passion and enthusiasm in the team presentations, as well as the joyous moments in the cultural performances and lucky draw, each segment was imbued with the corporate spirit and cultural essence of Depend.

Depend has always focused on the growth and development of its people, encouraging them to continuously challenge themselves and realize their self-worth. This celebration not only acknowledges the efforts of Depend's people over the past year but also expresses our expectations for future development.

Furthermore, the program performances and lucky draw segments added vibrancy to the celebration. The dynamic Dunhuang-inspired drum performance marked the inauguration of "Depend's Fly up in 2024" with a festive atmosphere. The surprises and joys in the lucky draw segment further heightened the climax of the celebration.

In such an era full of opportunities and challenges, Depend will continue to uphold its spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, sailing through the waves with its people, and embarking on new journeys. Looking back on 2023, we have navigated through waves and tides, forging ahead with determination; looking ahead to 2024, we will always remember our original intentions and steadily move forward.

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