Semiconductor market news(Apr. 15 to Apr. 21)丨Yageo sees customers complete inventory adjustments in 1H24; TSMC’s earnings call points to AI HPC as sole driver…

01. Yageo sees customers complete inventory adjustments in 1H24

Yageo, a Taiwanese passive component maker, anticipates its customers will finish inventory adjustments in the first half of 2024, despite ongoing global uncertainties.

02. TSMC's earnings call points to AI HPC as sole driver

TSMC offered its take on market developments at its quarterly earnings call on April 18: while demand for AI-related high-performance computing (HPC) continues to grow, the same cannot be said for other applications.

03. NAND Flash Manufacturers Cautiously Increase Wafer Input, Capacity Utilization Maintains Around 50%

With NAND Flash demand picking up, leading players like Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Kioxia, and Western Digital have started ramping up wafer production in NAND lines. However, to prevent price impacts, memory manufacturers are cautiously adjusting production capacity.

04. Samsung top execs visit Taiwan flash controller companies

Samsung Electronics co-CEO Qing Guixian recently led senior executives to Taiwan, China. In just two days and one night, they visited a number of supply chain manufacturers intensively. It was reported that the first priority was to promote their own high-bandwidth memory HBM and expand Outsourcing mature or niche DDR3 and NOR Flash.

05. SK Hynix announces partnership with TSMC for HBM technology

April 19,SK Hynix recently announced that it will work closely with TSMC on the production of next-generation HBM products and on strengthening advanced packaging technology that integrates HBM and logic layers. The two parties recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The company plans to cooperate with TSMC to develop HBM4, the sixth-generation HBM product, which is expected to be put into production in 2026.

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