Semiconductor market news(Mar. 11 to Mar. 17)丨DDR3 Memory Market Rebounds; Automotive semiconductor inventory turnover slows down; Samsung NAND Flash Prices Reportedly Set to Increase by 20%

01. Samsung NAND Flash Prices Reportedly Set to Increase by 20%

As per the report citing sources, Samsung Electronics will renegotiate prices with major mobile, PC, and server customers in March and April this year. It is expected to push for a price increase of 15 to 20%.

02. DDR3 Memory Market Rebounds

The demand for AI and Netcom equipment has surged recently, and the supply of DDR3 has been tight. Winbond plans to increase the price of DDR3 DRAM by 10% in 2Q24, becoming the first memory chip supplier in Taiwan to take the lead in large-scale price increases.

03. Automotive semiconductor inventory turnover slows down

The average inventory turnover days of the five major automotive and industrial equipment semiconductor manufacturers reached approximately 73 days from October to December 2023, exceeding April to June 2020 when the epidemic caused chaos in semiconductor supply and demand. Many opinions believe that inventory turnover will still be slowing down in 2024H1.

04. onsemi announces formation of Analog and Mixed-Signal Group (AMG)

March 13, 2024, onsemi recently announced the formation of the Analog and Mixed-Signal Group (AMG) which will be led by newly appointed group president, Sudhir Gopalswamy. The group will be focused on expanding onsemi’s portfolio of industry-leading power management and sensor interface devices to unlock an additional $19.3 billion total addressable market and accelerate the company’s growth in the automotive, industrial and cloud end markets.

05. Foxconn upgrades 2024 outlook on soaring AI server demand

Driven by the increased market visibility of AI servers, Foxconn has upgraded its outlook for 2024 from neutral to significant growth, as announced by chairman Young Liu during a recent earnings call.

In response to market concerns regarding Foxconn's AI server business, Liu forecasted triple-digit growth for GPU modules in 2024, with AI server revenue expected to surge by over 40%, constituting more than 40% of overall server revenue.

06. Nissan and Honda eye partnership in EV race

In a bid to navigate the increasingly competitive landscape of electric vehicle (EV) transition, Japanese automotive titans are showing signs of forging strategic partnerships.

Recent reports from prestigious sources like Nikkei and TV Tokyo indicate that Nissan is contemplating a collaboration with Honda in the realm of EVs. This potential alliance between Japan's second and third-largest automakers could herald significant shifts in the global automotive arena.

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