Depend Electronics Limited participated in Electronica South China

From November 15th to 17th, 2022, the South China Electronics Show in Munich was officially held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a feast of hard technology industry, this exhibition gathered 500+ domestic and foreign high-quality electronic enterprises to participate.

Depeng Electronics, located in the theme pavilion of automotive electronics, has demonstrated its excellent ability in emergency spot supply, inventory handling, reducing procurement costs, and finding hard materials.

01)Shortage Supply--Providing scarce, hottest,price fluctuation components supply service for solving your worries on material shortage.

02)Excess Handling--Providing surplus electronicm material stock commissions and storage cleaning service for helping you to lower property damage and enabling capital withdrawal.

03)PPV--Providing procurement-costreducing service to maximize profit from standard cost.

04)EOL Parts--Providing EOL, cold shutdown, small batch and maintenance use components or parts, to greatly improve your procurement efficiency.

At this exhibition, the DEPEND electronic booth welcomed the enthusiastic interaction of many customers, and the rigorous, pragmatic, professional and meticulous service of DEPEND people also won the customers' affirmation, showing the enterprise's elegant demeanor.

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