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Since its invention in the 1960s, MOSFET technology has become one of the most important electronic components in the industry. It allows for precise control of current, making it an efficient tool for controlling electronic devices. Over the past few decades, there has been significant progress in both the quantity and quality of MOSFET patents, providing strong support for the development of the electronics industry.

As MOSFET technology continues to advance and break through barriers, its applications in the industry have become widespread. For instance, MOSFETs are commonly used in computers, communication devices, and embedded systems.

As the demand for more advanced electronic products increases, the requirements for MOSFETs have also risen, laying the foundation for further technological innovation and market application.

1 MOSFET Overview

Power MOSFETs are the most important category in the power discrete device market.

Exhibit 1: Power semiconductor classification

The Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) is a transistor widely used in both analog and digital circuits, playing a crucial role in power control. It is a key component in power semiconductor products, enabling power switch and energy conversion in applications such as electric vehicles, charging stations, industrial energy, and high-voltage traffic lights.

According to China Industry Research data, MOSFET and IGBT transistors dominate power semiconductor discrete devices, accounting for approximately 28.8%. Silicon-based MOSFET, silicon-based IGBT, and silicon carbide are currently the main products in the power semiconductor discrete device market.

MOSFETs can be classified into P-type (P-channel) and N-type (N-channel) based on fabrication processes and into depletion-type and enhancement-type based on channel creation methods, depending on whether a conductive channel exists between the drain and source terminals when the gate voltage is zero.

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