Semiconductor market news(Jul. 17 to Jul. 23)丨Demand for automotive and industrial chips to remain steady in 2023; ROHM plans to pay $2.16 billion for Toshiba acquisition…

01. Demand for automotive and industrial chips to remain steady in 2023

July 19, 2023, According to reports, although 2023 is entering the peak season in the second half of the year, the outlook for consumer electronics products is still not optimistic, while the demand for automobiles and industrial control is expected to remain stable.

The report pointed out that in terms of major consumer applications, mobile phone shipments are expected to be further reduced, and shipments of personal computers and notebook computers are expected to remain slow, and other consumer products have not shown significant improvement. A growing number of businesses believe that the new growth trend will not restart until 2024.

02. DDR5 memory prices rise slightly

DDR5 memory has recently shown a modest increase, indicating that the market price is about to enter the stage of recovering from its lowest point, according to industry sources.

03. Automotive chip shortage may be less severe, but suppliers unlikely to cut output

Mixed signals have been seen in the car market since the second quarter of 2023, with supply in some automotive chip segments reportedly improving and prices falling. But chip suppliers are unlikely to cut their output, according to industry sources…

04. YOLE: Global MCU shipments are expected to down 10% year-on-year in 2023

July 19, 2023, According to the latest report of YOLE Group, the competition in the MCU market was fierce in 2022. NXP, Renesas and Infineon occupied the top three, while STMicroelectronics and Microchip performed well.

Despite declining and stagnant shipments in 2022, the MCU portfolio boosted average selling prices (ASP) and drove revenue growth. According to YOLE Group, many economies around the world are still going through the post-pandemic recovery and adjustment process. The presence of global conflicts and trade tensions has further fueled market uncertainty and inflation, leading to fears of a potential recession. In this uncertain environment, the semiconductor market has been particularly affected. MCU shipments are expected to drop nearly 10% in 2023 compared to 2022.

05. ROHM plans to pay $2.16 billion for Toshiba acquisition

July 21, 2023, According to Nikkei Asia, ROHM Semiconductor plans to provide a total of 300 billion yen ($2.16 billion) in funding to a consortium led by private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) for the proposed acquisition of Toshiba Semiconductor.

Both ROHM Semiconductor and Toshiba make power semiconductor devices that help reduce power consumption in electric vehicles, appliances and other products. ROHM Semiconductor regards this area as a top priority, aiming to capture 30% of the global market share of silicon carbide power devices in fiscal year 2025.

06. Processor market size is expected to drop to $150 billion in 2023

July 17, 2023, According to the latest report from Yole Intelligence, the market for processors, including CPUs, GPUs, APUs, and FPGAs, fell to $159 billion in 2022 from $159 billion in 2021 due to weak consumer electronics demand. And it is expected to continue to decline to $150 billion in 2023.

07. Ethernet IC demand rising rapidly

Demand for Ethernet ICs has been increasing rapidly in line with relentless updates of various Internet devices and applications, driving more suppliers, including Taiwan-based IC design houses, to capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

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