Semiconductor market news(October 24 to October 30)|SK hynix, Samsung, TI, UMC Q3 market dynamics;Microsoft, Dell strictly control the origin of IC supply chain…

A weekly review of the semiconductor market from October 24th to 30th, 2022. The latest market trends of SK hynix, Samsung, TI, UMC, Marvell, Seagate and consumer electronics giants Microsoft and Dell.

01.SK hynix: DRAM and NAND prices both fell in Q3

SK hynix analyzed that revenues fell QoQ as both sales volume and price decreased due to sluggish demand for DRAM and NAND products amid worsening macroeconomic environment worldwide. In addition, SK hynix explained that despite the company improved cost competitiveness by increasing the sales proportion and yield of the latest 1anm DRAM and 176-layer 4D NAND, operating profit also decreased due to greater price drop than cost reduction.

02.Samsung: Only foundries and automotive ICs achieved good results in Q3

On October 27, Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) in the third quarter of 2022, although relying on smartphones, foundry and other businesses, has achieved a record high in the third quarter of the year, and the demand for automotive ICs is still strong; but due to global inflation. , slowing demand and other factors, the annual decrease in operating income exceeds 30%.

03.TI: Weak demand spreads to industrial chips

According to reports, Texas Instruments said in its fiscal third-quarter financial results that industrial customers are now slowing their orders, but demand in the automotive market remains strong.

Texas Instruments has the largest customer list in the industry, and its forecasts are therefore an indicator of demand across the industry. CEO Rich Templeton said in a statement that during the quarter, they experienced expected softness in personal electronics and expansion of weakness across the industrial segment. Overall, orders deteriorated and cancellations increased as the current quarter progressed.

04.UMC: The demand for communication IC, OLED, and automotive IC continues to grow

On October 26, Wang Shi, general manager of UMC UMC, pointed out at the performance briefing that wireless communication ICs did not decline with market fluctuations, but still maintained stable demand, accounting for 45% of revenue; the possible highlight of Q4 is that OLED, automotive applications Driven by 22/28 nanometer demand, some revenue will continue to grow.

05.Microsoft and Dell require to check the source of supply chain IC

According to the Industrial and Commercial Times, as the Sino US trade war expanded to the design and manufacturing of semiconductors, Microsoft and Dell took the lead in requiring the supply chain to sort out the list, detailing which semiconductors in use are from Chinese IC design companies and which are produced by Chinese wafer foundries, and requiring the supply chain to evaluate the time required for assembly capacity to leave China.

According to media reports, although Microsoft and Dell emphasize that they are only trying to figure out the situation first, which does not mean that there will be further actions in the future. However, insiders believe that "no wind without fire". The investigation on the major actions of major U.S. consumer electronics manufacturers cannot rule out that they have received notifications from large U.S. customers, or even that the U.S. government may be expected to issue new administrative orders next, American brands are required to exclude the use of specific Chinese wafer foundry processes or products of Chinese IC design companies.

06.US Chip Firm Marvell Cuts R&D Staff in Shanghai and Chengdu

On the evening of October 27, STAR Market Daily learned from people familiar with the matter that the R&D teams abolished by Marvell are in Shanghai and Chengdu. According to an exposed list of departments affected by the decision, the SPG, PHY departments of Marvell Shanghai, the design verification team of the ASIC department, the engineering team of IT department, infrastructure team and GREWS department will also be reduced. In addition, the SPG and GREWS department of Marvell Chengdu will be abolished.

07.Seagate To Layoff 3,000 Workers Citing Economy, Slowing Demand

Seagate Technologies (STX), the biggest hard drive maker, announced Wednesday that it was laying off 8% of its workforce, about 3,000 employees.

The company said it had struggled in the latest quarter, amid lockdowns, economic shocks and reduced demand.

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